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Reporting Tours

The FPCs work to promote accuracy, objectivity, and balance in foreign media coverage of issues of strategic importance to the United States. We engage directly with foreign media to advance U.S. foreign policy priorities by providing them with direct access to authoritative sources of information. 

One of the ways we accomplish this is by organizing and hosting several types of reporting tours, detailed below. For questions, please contact the appropriate FPC Program Officer.

  • Foreign Reporting Tours take place in 2-3 cities around the United States. Programs are for 7-14 days, and participants are visiting foreign media nominated by U.S. missions.  Travel and transportation are provided by the U.S. Department of State.
  • Domestic Reporting Tours take place in one location around the United States.  Programs are for 2-3 days, and participants are resident FPC credentialed media.  Travel logistics and costs are the responsibility of the participating journalist, and the Foreign Press Center provides local transportation to program events.
  • Local Reporting Tours take place in the Washington DC or New York City metro area.  Programs are same day, and participants are resident FPC credentialed media.  The Foreign Press Center usually provides local transportation to program events.