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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WHEN: 8:30 am
WHAT: Atlantic Council Discussion on “Beyond Data Breaches: Global Interconnections of Cyber Risk.”
Speakers: Featuring remarks by Michael Kerner, CEO General Insurance, Zurich Insurance Group; Panel discussion featuring: Dr. Steve Crocker, Board Chair, ICAAN; Jason Healey, Director, Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, Atlantic Council; Catherine Mulligan, Senior Vice President, Zurich North America; Moderated by Francis Rose, Host, “In Depth with Francis Rose, ” Federal News Radio.
WHERE: 1030 15th Street, NW, 12th Floor
CONTACT: 202-463-7226; web site:
SOURCE: Atlantic Council – event announcement

WHEN: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
WHAT: Woodrow Wilson Center (WWC) Discussion on “EU Progress Report on Eastern Partnership States.” Speaker: Klaus Botzet, Head of the Political Section, Delegation of the European Union to the United States of America.
WHERE: 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
CONTACT: 202-691-4000; web site:
SOURCE: WWC - event announcement

WHEN: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
WHAT: Heritage Discussion on “Iran: Nuclear, Human Rights and Terrorism Challenges.”
Speakers: Ali Alfoneh, Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Dr. David Crist, Author of “The Twilight War: The Secret History of America’s Thirty-Year Conflict with Iran”; and Dr. Ken Katzman, Specialist in Middle East Affairs, Congressional Research Service.
WHERE: Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
CONTACT: 202-546-4400; web site:
SOURCE: Heritage – event announcement

WHEN: 1:30 – 3:30 pm
WHAT: U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) Discussion on “Consolidating Democratic Gains or Cementing Sectarian Divides?: Prospects for Iraq’s April 30 Elections
.” Speakers: Elvis Zutic, Resident Director, NDI Iraq; Sarhang Hamasaeed, Senior Program Officer, Middle East and North Africa Programs, USIP; Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, former Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations Counselor, Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Manal Omar, moderator, Associate Vice President for the Middle East and Africa, USIP.
WHERE: USIP, 2301 Constitution Avenue, NW
CONTACT: 202-457-1700; web site:
SOURCE: USIP – event announcement 

WHEN: 4:00 – 5:00 pm
WHAT: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) Discussion on “The Taiwan Relations Act After 35 Years.”
Speakers: William A. Brown, career diplomat whose postings have included U.S. ambassador to Israel and Thailand. He was the acting chairman of AIT and previously served as deputy chief of mission, acting director, and trustee of AIT during the switch in U.S. diplomatic recognition to the People’s Republic of China; Richard Bush, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution where he holds the Chen-Fu and Cecilia Yen Koo Chair in Taiwan Studies and is director of the Center for East Asia Policy Studies. He previously served as the chairman and managing director of AIT; Barbara Schrage, retired in January 2014 from her position as managing director of AIT, a position she assumed in 2006. A specialist in East Asian political and security affairs, Schrage joined AIT in 1997 following a thirty-year career as a senior foreign service officer at the U.S. Department of State; and Douglas H. Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He previously served as vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase International (2006–2008) and was an unofficial U.S. representative to Taiwan as director of AIT (2002–2006).
WHERE: 1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
CONTACT: 202-483-7600; web site:
SOURCE: CEIP – event announcement

WHEN: 4:00 – 5:30 pm
WHAT: Woodrow Wilson Center (WWC) - Second Annual Nancy Bernkopf Tucker Memorial Lecture on U.S.-East Asia Relations – “Tough Calls: Difficult Assessments and Hard Choices in U.S. Policy Toward China.” Speaker: Harry Harding, Dean of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia.
WHERE: 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
CONTACT: 202-691-4000; web site:
SOURCE: WWC - event announcement

WHEN: 7:00 – 8:00 pm
WHAT: Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University Discussion on “The Role of The United States in International Organizations: A Discussion with Dr. Esther Brimmer.” Speaker: Esther Brimmer, Former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs.
WHERE: Lindner Family Commons, Room 602, 1957 E St NW
CONTACT: 202-994-6240; web site:
SOURCE: Elliott School - event announcement