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-04/30/14   China and the United States - A Comparison of Green Energy Programs and Policies  [619 Kb]
-04/29/14   Kuwait: Security, Reform, and U.S. Policy  [454 Kb]
-04/29/14   Multilateral Development Banks: How the United States Makes and Implements Policy  [278 Kb]
-04/28/14   Arms Control and Nonproliferation: A Catalog of Treaties and Agreements  [667 Kb]
-04/28/14   Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress  [1465 Kb]
-04/28/14   Iran's Nuclear Program: Tehran's Compliance with International Obligations  [325 Kb]
-04/28/14   NAFTA at 20: Overview and Trade Effects  [512 Kb]
-04/23/14   Iraq: Politics, Governance, and Human Rights  [500 Kb]
-04/23/14   The Republic of the Philippines and U.S. Interests - 2014  [540 Kb]
-04/22/14   Achievements of and Outlook for Sanctions on Iran  [283 Kb]
-04/22/14   The State of Campaign Finance Policy: Recent Developments and Issues for Congress  [427 Kb]
-04/21/14   Malaysia: Background and U.S. Relations  [385 Kb]
-04/21/14   Trade Promotion Authority (TPA): Frequently Asked Questions  [361 Kb]
-04/18/14   Declarations of War and Authorizations for the Use of Military Force: Historical Background and Legal Implications  [851 Kb]
-04/17/14   FY2015 Budget Documents: Internet and GPO Availability  [243 Kb]
-04/17/14   Same-Sex Marriage: A Legal Background After United States v. Windsor  [245 Kb]
-04/17/14   The Help America Vote Act and Election Administration: Overview and Issues  [339 Kb]
-04/16/14   Executive Orders: Issuance, Modification, and Revocation  [277 Kb]
-04/16/14   Iran-North Korea-Syria Ballistic Missile and Nuclear Cooperation  [286 Kb]
-04/16/14   NATO: Response to the Crisis in Ukraine and Security Concerns in Central and Eastern Europe  [677 Kb]
-04/11/14   NAFTA at 20: Overview and Trade Effects  [475 Kb]
-04/11/14   The Federal Budget: Overview and Issues for FY2015 and Beyond  [402 Kb]
-04/11/14   U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel  [421 Kb]
-04/10/14   U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production in Federal and Non-Federal Areas  [284 Kb]
-04/09/14   Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and U.S. Response  [858 Kb]
-04/09/14   Nuclear Cooperation with Other Countries: A Primer  [317 Kb]
-04/08/14   Millennium Challenge Corporation  [465 Kb]
-04/08/14   The New START Treaty: Central Limits and Key Provisions  [433 Kb]
-04/07/14   Campaign Contribution Limits: Selected Questions About McCutcheon and Policy Issues for Congress  [319 Kb]
-04/04/14   Global Security Contingency Fund: Summary and Issue Overview  [316 Kb]
-04/04/14   Security Assistance Reform: "Section 1206" Background and Issues for Congress  [347 Kb]
-04/02/14   Foreign Assistance to North Korea  [419 Kb]
-04/01/14   Overview of Constitutional Challenges to NSA Collection Activities and Recent Developments  [307 Kb]