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-10/22/14   Foreign Tour on Sharing Economy
-10/07/14   The 2014 Midterm Elections - Virginia Politics
-09/09/14   World Trade Center Development Update
-07/29/14   Transforming the 21st Century Workplace with Technology
-07/27/14   Spotlight on Commitment to Africa 2014 - Foreign Reporting Tour
-07/21/14   Farm to Kitchen: DC's Sustainable Food Scene
-07/21/14   Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - Foreign Tour
-07/16/14   Meeting the Workforce Demands of Silicon Alley One Code At a Time
-07/04/14   Thomas Jefferson's Monticello - 52nd Annual July 4th Celebration and Citizenship Ceremony
-07/02/14   Independence Celebration and Citizenship Ceremony - New York Public Library
-07/02/14   U.S. Energy Security: Hydropower -- The Leading Source of Renewable Energy
-07/01/14   Black History and Culture at Howard University Archives
-06/19/14   World Refugee Day
-06/17/14   Preserving America's Audio-Visual Heritage
-06/12/14   Tour to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center
-06/05/14   Introduction to the Federal Reserve System
-05/29/14   Chesapeake Bay Preservation and Recovery
-05/14/14   Intel Science and Engineering Air (ISEF)
-04/18/14   Earth Day Tour - Climate Science Research
-04/10/14   Tour to the Smithsonian's Indian Museum
-04/09/14   Army War College Reporting Tour: Balancing the Joint Force to Meet Future Security Challenges
-04/07/14   U.S. Energy Security: Deploying American Resources, Innovation, and Technology
-03/26/14   U.S. Higher Education Trends
-03/13/14   The Future of Energy in the Americas
-03/12/14   Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
-03/11/14   National Institutes of Health
-03/11/14   New York University Connecting Classrooms Through Technology
-03/10/14   Globalization Trends in U.S. Higher Education
-02/12/14   Apollo Theater in Harlem
-01/30/14   Highlighting the Importance of International Business, Trade & Investment in Miami, Florida
-01/27/14   Promoting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
-01/23/14   Tour to Build It Green!NYC Brooklyn Reuse Center
-01/16/14   Sustainable Building and Design - New School's University Center
-01/10/14   Wall Street Perspectives on the Global Economy and Financial Industry Trends
-01/06/14   Promoting Counterterrorism Coordination and Cooperation