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FPC Mission Statement

The mission of the Foreign Press Center is to support U.S. policies and priorities by helping resident and visiting foreign media cover the U.S.

Our goal is to promote the depth, accuracy, and balance of foreign reporting from the U.S. We provide direct access to authoritative American information sources.

To accomplish our mission , we arrange:

  • Live press briefings on American policy and society by U.S. government officials and non-governmental experts,
  • Press tours and TV cooperative projects to expose media to America "outside the beltway,"
  • Facilitative assistance to media in obtaining interviews with American news makers and experts.

FPC facilities and information resources:

  • computer workstations with internet access,
  • piped-in briefings,
  • reference requests,
  • transcripts and audio/video tapes of briefings,
  • FPC website and email subscription services to provide accurate and timely information and schedules, and
  • professional staff to put the material in context.

Special events:

FPC Staff assist with planning and support of major media events where foreign interest is high and U.S. interests are served.   These include Presidential and Cabinet-level visits overseas, foreign leaders in the U.S., national political conventions, and the Olympic Games.