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-11/30/12  The PEPFAR Blueprint: Creating an AIDS-Free Generation;  U.S. Ambassador M.D. Eric Goosby; Washington, DC
-11/29/12  Conference Board Global Economic Outlook; New York, NY
-11/29/12  The 9th Meeting of the U.S.-Turkey Economic Partnership Commission;  Assistant Secretary Jose W. Fernandez, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs; Washington, DC
-11/26/12  Cyber Security: Project Cyber Monday 3 and Project Transatlantic. ICE/EUROPOL Collaboration Successfully Targets U.S. and International Websites Selling Counterfeit Merchandise; Washington, DC
-11/26/12  The Economics of the Healthcare Reform; New York, NY
-11/15/12  International Education Week Digital Video Conference Between Turkish Students Studying in the U.S. and American Students Studying in Turkey; New York, NY
-11/15/12  The U.S. Strategy to Combat Wildlife Trafficking;  Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Robert D. Hormats; Washington, DC
-11/13/12  Issues on the Post-Election U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda; New York, NY
-11/07/12  Analysis of the Election Results; Washington, DC
-11/06/12  Consumer Confidence, the Presidential Campaign and the Fiscal Cliff Facing the Next President; New York, NY
-11/06/12  Foreign Policy Issues and the Next President; Washington, DC
-11/06/12  State of the Campaign on Election Day; Washington, DC
-11/06/12  The Latest Exit Polls; Washington, DC
-11/06/12  The Next Congress; Washington, DC
-11/05/12  The Day Before the Vote: The Perspective From Florida; New York, NY
-11/05/12  The Day Before the Vote: The Perspective from Ohio; New York, NY
-11/05/12  The State of the Campaigns on the Eve of Election Day; Washington, DC