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-09/28/12  The Role of Women's Issues in the 2012 Elections; Washington, DC
-09/28/12  The Role of the Economy in the 2012 Elections; Washington, DC
-09/28/12  U.S Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region;  Assistant Secretary Kurt M. Campbell, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs; New York, NY
-09/28/12  U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda: UNGA 2012;  Assistant Secretary Michael A. Hammer, Bureau of Public Affairs; New York, NY
-09/28/12  U.S. Priorities in the Western Hemisphere;  Assistant Secretary Roberta S. Jacobson, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs; New York, NY
-09/27/12  An Overview of the Commission on Presidential Debates; Washington, DC
-09/27/12  U.S. Foreign Policy in Europe;  Assistant Secretary Philip H. Gordon, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs; New York, NY
-09/27/12  U.S. Priorities in the Near East Region; New York, NY
-09/26/12  U.S. Foreign Policy in South and Central Asia;  Assistant Secretary Robert O. Blake, Jr., Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs; New York, NY
-09/24/12  Readout Of U.S. Bilateral Meetings With Pakistan and Afghanistan Presidents; New York, NY
-09/19/12  Presidential Matchup Results from Swing State Surveys of Likely Voters in Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin; Washington, DC
-09/06/12  Overview of President Obama's Campaign Themes; Charlotte, NC
-09/06/12  The Women Vote; Charlotte, NC
-09/06/12  The Youth Vote; Charlotte, NC
-09/05/12  Economic Policy of the Obama Administration; Charlotte, NC
-09/05/12  The Latino Vote; Charlotte, NC
-09/05/12  The Political Impact of Muslim-Americans; Charlotte, NC
-09/04/12  Latest Polling; Charlotte, NC
-09/04/12  National Security and Foreign Policy; Charlotte, NC
-09/04/12  Scene-setter for Democratic National Convention; Charlotte, NC
-09/04/12  The African-American Vote; Charlotte, NC