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-08/30/12  Facebook, Social Media and U.S. Elections; Tampa, Florida
-08/30/12  Foreign Policy and the Republican Platform; Tampa, Florida
-08/30/12  Preview of Mitt Romney's Republican Nomination Acceptance Speech; Tampa, Florida
-08/30/12  The Influence of Tax Reform Policy in the Presidential Election; Tampa, Florida
-08/29/12  APEC Summit; Washington, DC
-08/29/12  The Influence of the Tea Party on the Presidential Election; Tampa, Florida
-08/29/12  The Role of Women in the Republican Party; Tampa, Florida
-08/28/12  LGBT Issues; Tampa, Florida
-08/28/12  The Effects of Social Media in Campaigns; Tampa, Florida
-08/28/12  The Importance of Fact-Checking Politicians; Tampa, Florida
-08/27/12  Florida Politics; Tampa, Florida
-08/27/12  How to Cover Political Conventions; Tampa, Florida
-08/27/12  State of the Race for the Presidency; Tampa, Florida
-08/23/12  Election 2012: State of the Race; New York, NY