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-03/30/12   China and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Missiles: Policy Issues  [705 Kb]
-03/28/12   Burma's April Parliamentary By-Elections  [350 Kb]
-03/28/12   Iran Sanctions  [626 Kb]
-03/28/12   Pivot to the Pacific? The Obama Administration's "Rebalancing" Toward Asia  [657 Kb]
-03/27/12   Israel: Possible Military Strike Against Iran's Nuclear Facilities  [935 Kb]
-03/27/12   The Federal Budget: Issues for FY2013 and Beyond  [349 Kb]
-03/23/12   China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities - Background and Issues for Congress  [1587 Kb]
-03/23/12   Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses  [817 Kb]
-03/20/12   Foreign Assistance to North Korea  [380 Kb]
-03/19/12   Fact Sheet: The FY2013 State and Foreign Operations Budget Request  [273 Kb]
-03/15/12   Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA): What Is It, and How Has It Been Utilized?  [367 Kb]
-03/14/12   Congressional Oversight of Intelligence: Current Structure and Alternatives  [409 Kb]
-03/14/12   Cybersecurity: Selected Legal Issues  [434 Kb]
-03/13/12   Changing the Federal Reserve's Mandate: An Economic Analysis  [326 Kb]
-03/13/12   Keeping America's Pipelines Safe and Secure: Key Issues for Congress  [467 Kb]
-03/12/12   U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel  [525 Kb]
-03/07/12   Arms Control and Nonproliferation: A Catalog of Treaties and Agreements  [611 Kb]
-03/07/12   Change in the Middle East: Implications for U.S. Policy  [342 Kb]
-03/07/12   Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Policy  [292 Kb]
-03/07/12   Securing Nuclear Materials: The 2012 Summit and Issues for Congress  [434 Kb]
-03/07/12   The U.S. Income Distribution and Mobility: Trends and International Comparisons  [338 Kb]
-03/06/12   Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Assistance: U.S. Programs in the Former Soviet Union  [586 Kb]
-03/06/12   U.S. Defense Articles and Services Supplied to Foreign Recipients: Restrictions on Their Use  [208 Kb]
-03/02/12   Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses  [815 Kb]
-03/02/12   Latin America: Terrorism Issues  [423 Kb]
-03/01/12   Rising Gasoline Prices 2012  [312 Kb]