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-03/29/12  21st Century Economic Statecraft;  Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Robert D. Hormats; New York, NY
-03/23/12  The Role of the Media in U.S. Elections; Washington, DC
-03/21/12  Current U.S. Foreign Policy Issues; Acting Assistant Secretary Michael A. Hammer, Bureau of Public Affairs; New York, NY
-03/16/12  Campaign Finance in U.S. Elections; Washington, DC
-03/13/12  Election 2012: The Alabama and Mississippi Primaries; New York, NY
-03/09/12  U.S. Foreign Policy: Western Balkans Update; Washington, DC
-03/08/12  Current Trends in U.S. Real Estate Markets; New York, NY
-03/06/12  Election 2012: Super Tuesday; Washington, DC
-03/06/12  The Ohio Primary Election; New York, NY
-03/05/12  Economic Issues in the 2012 Election; New York, NY