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-02/29/12   Direct Overt U.S. Aid Appropriations and Military Reimbursements to Pakistan, FY2002-FY2013  [47 Kb]
-02/29/12   North Korea's Nuclear Weapons: Technical Issues  [403 Kb]
-02/29/12   The Eurozone Crisis: Overview and Issues for Congress  [399 Kb]
-02/27/12   Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress  [1168 Kb]
-02/24/12   Taiwan: Major U.S. Arms Sales Since 1990  [721 Kb]
-02/23/12   The Depreciating Dollar: Economic Effects and Policy Response  [335 Kb]
-02/22/12   U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments, and Issues  [443 Kb]
-02/21/12   Bahrain: Reform, Security, and U.S. Policy  [457 Kb]
-02/21/12   Federal Communications Commission: Current Structure and Its Role in the Changing Telecommunications Landscape  [258 Kb]
-02/20/12   China's Banking System: Issues for Congress  [550 Kb]
-02/17/12   Financial Performance of the Major Oil Companies, 2007-2011  [246 Kb]
-02/17/12   Representatives and Senators: Trends in Member Characteristics Since 1945  [642 Kb]
-02/14/12   Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons  [371 Kb]
-02/14/12   The New START Treaty: Central Limits and Key Provisions  [404 Kb]
-02/13/12   Conventional Prompt Global Strike and Long-Range Ballistic Missiles: Background and Issues  [419 Kb]
-02/10/12   Iran Sanctions  [627 Kb]
-02/08/12   Egypt in Transition  [326 Kb]
-02/08/12   Kuwait: Security, Reform, and U.S. Policy  [437 Kb]
-02/08/12   Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Countries: Comparative Trade and Economic Analysis  [551 Kb]
-02/02/12   Turkey: Background and U.S. Relations  [759 Kb]
-02/01/12   Detention of U.S. Persons as Enemy Belligerents  [519 Kb]