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2001 Reports

-12/31/01   India-U.S. Relations -- Updated.
-12/31/01   Pakistan-U.S. Relations -- Updated.
-12/31/01   Middle East: Attitudes toward the United States
-12/27/01   Terrorism Preparedness: A Catalog of Federal Assistance Programs
-12/21/01   Israeli-United States Relations -- Updated.
-12/21/01   Andrean Regional Initiative (ARI): FT2002 Assistance for Colombia and Neighbors Updated.
-12/21/01   Bioterrorism: Summary of a CRS/National Health Policy Forum Seminar on Federal, State, and Local Public Health Preparedness
-12/19/01   Agroterrorism: Options in Congress
-12/19/01   Human Cloning
-12/17/01   Arms Control and Strategic Nuclear Weapons: Unilateral vs. Bilateral Reductions
-12/17/01   China's Relations with Central Asian States and Problems with Terrorism
-12/17/01   Terrorism, the Future and U.S. Foreign Policy -- Updated.
-12/14/01   AIDS in Africa -- Updated.
-12/14/01   Andean Regional Initiative (ARI): FY2002 Assistance for Colombia and Neighbors Updated.
-12/14/01   Critical Infrastructures: Background, Policy, and Implementation Updated.
-12/14/01   Global Climate Change -- Updated.
-12/12/01   Drug Control: International Policy and Options -- Updated.
-12/12/01   Russia -- Updated.
-12/11/01   Cuba: Issues for Congress Updated.
-12/11/01   State Department and Related Agencies FY2002 Appropriations Updated.
-12/11/01   Terrorism and the Law of War: Trying Terrorists as War Criminals before Military Commissions Updated.
-12/10/01   Terrorism: Section by Section Analysis of the USA PATRIOT Act Updated.
-12/07/01   NAFTA Labor Side Agreement: Lessons for the Worker Rights and Fast-Track Debate Updated.
-12/07/01   Trade Promotion Authority (Fast-Track Authority for Trade Agreements): Background and Developments in the 107th Congress -- Updated.
-12/07/01   Trade Promotion Authority (Fast-Track): Labor Issues (Including H.R. 3005 and H.R. 3019) Updated.
-12/05/01   Nuclear Weapons in Russia: Safety, Security, and Control Issues -- Updated.
-12/05/01   Palestinians and Middle East Peace: Issues for the United State -- Updated.
-12/04/01   International Money Laundering Abatement and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act of 2001, Title III of P.L. 107-56 -- NEW!
-12/03/01   Intelligence and Law Enforcement: Countering Transnational Threats to the U.S. Updated.

-11/28/01   Trade Promotion (Fast-Track) Authority: H.R. 3005 Provisions and Related Issues Updated.
-11/26/01   Trade Agreements Implementation: Expedited Procedures and Congressional Control in Existing Law
-11/20/01   Cuba: Issues for Congress
-11/19/01   China and the World Trade Organization Updated.
-11/16/01   Nuclear Arms Control: The U.S. Rusian Agenda -- Updated.
-11/16/01   Trade Promotion Authority (Fast-Track Authority for Trade Agreements): Background and Developments for the 107th Congress -- Updated
-11/15/01   Afghanistan: Current Issues and U.S. Policy Concerns Updated.
-11/15/01   War Powers Resolution: After Twenty-Eight Years
-11/14/01   The Middle East Peace Talks
-11/09/01   Intelligence Issues for Congress
-11/09/01   Trade and the Americas -- Updated.
-11/07/01   Financing Issues and Economic Effects of Past American Wars
-11/06/01   Drug Certification Requirements and Proposed Congressional Modifications in 2001
-11/05/01   Nuclear Weapons In Russia
-11/03/01   State Department and Related Agencies: FY2002 Appropriations
-11/02/01   Drug Control: International Policy and Options
-11/02/01   Terrorism, The Future, and U.S. Foreign Policy
-11/01/01   Russia

-10/31/01   Andrean Regional Initiative (ARI): FY 2002 Assistance for Colombia and Neighbors
-10/31/01   Missile Defense, Arms Control, and Deterrence: A New Strategic Framework
-10/29/01   AIDS in Africa
-10/29/01   Trying Terrorists as War Criminals
-10/26/01   Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Free Trade, and the 2001 Summit in Shanghai Updated.
-10/17/01   Operation Enduring Freedom: Foreign Pledges of Military & Intelligence Support. Updated.
-10/15/01   Nuclear Arms Control: The U.S.-Russian Agenda.
-10/15/01   Special Operations Forces in Operation Eduring Freedom: Background and Issues for Congress
-10/12/01   India and Pakistan: Current U.S. Economic Sanctions. Updated.
-10/11/01   Agriculture and Fast Track or Trade Promotion Authority Updated.
-10/10/01   Homeland Security: The Presidential Coordination Office.
-10/10/01   Latin America and the Caribbean: Legislative Issues in 2001 Updated.
-10/09/01   NAFTA Labor Side Agreement: Lessons for the Worker Rights and Fast-Track Debate.
-10/05/01   Party Leaders in the House: Election, Duties, and Responsibilities -- New!
-10/05/01   Taliban and the Drug Trade

-09/28/01   Campaign Finance: Constitutional and Legal Issues of Soft Money Updated.
-09/28/01   Campaign Financing Updated.
-09/26/01   Global Climate Change
-09/19/01   Terrorism, the Future and U.S. Foreign Policy.
-09/18/01   National Emergency Powers.
-09/13/01   Response to Terrorism: Legal Aspects of the Use of Force.
-09/11/01   War Powers Resolution: Presidential Compliance

-06/22/01   Arms Control after START II: Next Steps on the U.S.-Russian Agenda Updated.
-06/20/01   U.S.-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Investment: Programs and Policy Direction Updated.
-06/19/01   Critical Infrastructures: Background and Early Implementation of PDD-63.  Updated.
-06/04/01   World Trade Organization: Background and Issues.  Updated.

-05/21/01   A Free Trade Area of the Americas Updated.
-05/11/01   Trade Agreements: A Pro/Con Analysis of Including Core Labor Standards

-04/10/04   House Committee Organization and Process: A Brief Overview -- Updated

-03/12/01   Mad Cow Disease: Agriculture Issues
-03/05/01   The U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement.  -- Updated
-03/01/01   Latin America -- Updated

-02/12/01   Colombia: Conditions and U.S. Policy Options -- Updated

-01/22/01   American National Government: An Overview -- Updated