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FPC as a News Source

Besides facilitating news coverage, the Foreign Press Centers organize news events.

Press Conferences
The Foreign Press Centers organize news conferences or briefings on topical subjects exclusively for foreign journalists. All Centers present authoritative sources from government and the private sector, usually on the record, in briefings that give journalists opportunities to ask questions.

Briefings, Speeches, and Hearings
The Washington Center receives live audio of briefings from the White House, and Department of State. The daily State Department press briefing can also be seen on closed-circuit television. The Center receives live speeches by the President, as well as ceremonies involving the President or other high officials. Selected Congressional hearings are also received live.

The Centers are equipped for journalists to make their own audio and broadcast video recordings of briefings and electronic feeds either directly or from recordings made by the Centers.

Videos, Audio Files and Transcripts
In many instances, the Foreign Press Center can obtain texts or transcripts of speeches, press conferences and documents soon after an event.