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The Foreign Press Centers as Workplaces

The Foreign Press Centers have an informal work environment where you can exchange ideas with media colleagues from all over the world. It is also a place where you can work on news coverage using the following resources:

Televised Feeds
Live television is a major source of current news and information. Television monitors in the Foreign Press Centers receive late-breaking news events. The Center receives major White House and Department of State events and congressional hearings on a closed-circuit system.  In addition, the Centers are linked for digital-video conferencing (DVC).

Credentialed journalists may use the Centers' telephones at no cost for local calls. To make long-distance calls, you must use a telephone credit card, charge the calls to your home or office telephone number or have your news organization accept the charges "collect."

You may use the Centers' copying machines to produce single copies of published articles and news agency material of relevance to your assignments. You are obligated under U.S. and international copyright laws to give credit or request permission of publications and news agencies if you wish to use their material.

Interview Rooms
Journalists can reserve a place for interviews or special projects related to assignments.

Personal computers are available for filing articles out of the Centers. We provide access to the Internet and offer word-processing software in English, Arabic, Russian, French, and Spanish. All media relations officers can be reached by e-mail.

TV Studio
The Foreign Broadcast Support Unit in Washington is equipped with a studio facility capable of recording one-on-one interviews and stand-ups. Foreign television bureaus may use their own camera crews or, depending on availability of technical staff, the FPC may be able to provide a crew.

Proximity to Premiere Washington, DC Stand-Up Location
The Washington Foreign Press Center is just one block north of Freedom Plaza, an outdoor plaza that provides an excellent back drop down Pennsylvania Avenue leading to the United States Capitol building, one of the best locations for reporter stand-ups in Washington, DC.