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-Statement by National Security Advisor, General James L. Jones, on the NPT Review Conference - 5/28

-Statement by President Obama on the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference - 5/28/2010

-Fact Sheet - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference Final Document - 5/28/2010

-Secretary Clinton's Remarks at Senate Foreign Relations Hearing on "The New Start Treaty" - 5/18/10

-Colombia Endorses the Profileration Security Initiative - 5/17/2010

-Transmittal of New START Treaty Documents to the U.S. Senate - 5/14/2010

-Joint Statement by Russian and US Delegations on the New START Treaty - 5/13/2010

-Statement by White House Press Sec. on the Submission of the New START Treaty to Senate 5/13/10

-Statement by Director Stafford at the 2010 NPT Review Conference - 5/11/2010

-Statement by Ambassador Davies at NPT Review Conference (Main Committee II) - 5/11/2010

-Message from President Obama Regarding a Peaceful Nuclear Agreement with Russia - 5/10/2010

-Statement by Ambassador Kennedy to the NPT Review Conference (Main Committee I) - 5/7/2010

-Message to the Congress Concerning a Nuclear Agreement with Australia - 5/5/2010

-Remarks by Ass't. Sec. Gottemoeller on "Future Nuclear Arms Control & Proliferation" - 5/5/2010

-Remarks by Deputy Ass't Sec. Rose on "U.S. Missile Defense and Regional Security" - 5/5/2010

-Joint Statement to the 2010 NPT Review Conference by the Five Permanent Members of the UN Sec. Coun.

-Statement by President Obama on Indonesia's Announcement of Its Intention to Ratify the CTBT- 5/4

-Statement by President Obama on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference - 5/3/2010

-Secretary of State Clinton's Press Availability at the U.N. - 5/3/2010

-Remarks by Secretary of State Clinton at the NPT Review Conference - 5/3/2010

-U.S. Opening Statement Announcements at NPT Review Conference - 5/3/2010

-Briefing with Under Sec. Tauscher, U.N. Representative Rice and Ambassador Burk - 4/30/2010

-Under Secretary Tauscher Previewing the NPT Review Conference - 4/29/2010

-Assistant Sec. Gottemoeller Remarks at the Arms Control Association Annual Meeting - 4/26/2010

-Under Sec. Tauscher's FPC Briefing on Overview of the Obama Administration's Nonproliferation Agenda

-Key Documents on U.S. Nuclear Policy - 3/26 - 4/13/2010