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Nuclear Non-Proliferation Review Conference - May 3-28, 2010

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The Treaty of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)
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U.S. Government Statements, Briefings, Fact Sheets
Statement by National Security Advisor, General James L. Jones, on the NPT Review Conference - 5/28
Statement by President Obama on the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference - 5/28/2010
Fact Sheet - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference Final Document - 5/28/2010
Secretary Clinton's Remarks at Senate Foreign Relations Hearing on "The New Start Treaty" - 5/18/10
Colombia Endorses the Profileration Security Initiative - 5/17/2010
Transmittal of New START Treaty Documents to the U.S. Senate - 5/14/2010
Joint Statement by Russian and US Delegations on the New START Treaty - 5/13/2010
Statement by White House Press Sec. on the Submission of the New START Treaty to Senate 5/13/10
Statement by Director Stafford at the 2010 NPT Review Conference - 5/11/2010
Statement by Ambassador Davies at NPT Review Conference (Main Committee II) - 5/11/2010
Message from President Obama Regarding a Peaceful Nuclear Agreement with Russia - 5/10/2010
Statement by Ambassador Kennedy to the NPT Review Conference (Main Committee I) - 5/7/2010
Message to the Congress Concerning a Nuclear Agreement with Australia - 5/5/2010
Remarks by Ass't. Sec. Gottemoeller on "Future Nuclear Arms Control & Proliferation" - 5/5/2010
Remarks by Deputy Ass't Sec. Rose on "U.S. Missile Defense and Regional Security" - 5/5/2010
Joint Statement to the 2010 NPT Review Conference by the Five Permanent Members of the UN Sec. Coun.
Statement by President Obama on Indonesia's Announcement of Its Intention to Ratify the CTBT- 5/4
Statement by President Obama on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference - 5/3/2010
Secretary of State Clinton's Press Availability at the U.N. - 5/3/2010
Remarks by Secretary of State Clinton at the NPT Review Conference - 5/3/2010
U.S. Opening Statement Announcements at NPT Review Conference - 5/3/2010
Briefing with Under Sec. Tauscher, U.N. Representative Rice and Ambassador Burk - 4/30/2010
Under Secretary Tauscher Previewing the NPT Review Conference - 4/29/2010
Assistant Sec. Gottemoeller Remarks at the Arms Control Association Annual Meeting - 4/26/2010
Under Sec. Tauscher's FPC Briefing on Overview of the Obama Administration's Nonproliferation Agenda
Key Documents on U.S. Nuclear Policy - 3/26 - 4/13/2010

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Background Information
Conference Seeks to Strengthen Nuclear Nonproliferation - america.gov - 4/30/2010
Toward a Nuclear- Free World - america.gov
Fact Sheet - The Center for Arms-Control and Non-Proliferation
Reaching Critical Will - NPT