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A New Beginning: The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, April 26-27, 2010

Updated Media Note - April 23, 2010
Department of State Announcement of the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship - 03/22/2010
White House Statement on the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship - 03/05/2010
State Dept. and Small Business Administration to Promote Entrepreneurship in Oman & Bahrain-2/19/10

U.S. Government Statements, Briefings, Fact Sheets
Fulbright Foreign Students Convene in Washington to Foster Change Through Social Entrepreneurship
Secretary Clinton Announces TechWomen Program at Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship - 4/28/2010
Secretary Clinton Announces the "Secretary's Innovation Award for Women's and Girl's Empowerment"
Secretary Clinton Announces the "Secretary's International Fund for Women and Girls" - 04/28/2010
Remarks by Sec. Clinton at Breakfast with Women Entrepreneurs attending the Summit - 04/28/2010
Closing Remarks by Secretary Clinton at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship - 4/27/2010
Secretary Clinton Announcing Partners for a New Beginning - April 27, 2010
Remarks by Lawrence Summers at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship - April 27, 2010
Partners for a New Beginning - Fact Sheet
Partner Events During the Week of the Summit - Fact Sheet
Follow-On Conferences - Fact Sheet
Exchange Programs Focused on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science - Fact Sheet
White House Fact Sheet: A New Beginning-The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship -04/26/2010
U.S. Dept. of State Launches Entrepreneurs for a New Beginning at Presidentail Summit
Remarks by Secretary of Commerce Locke - April 26, 2010
Remarks by President Obama at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship - April 26, 2010
Nigeria - The Nigeria Expanded Exports Program - U.S. AID Fact Sheet
Pakistan - Support to Small and Medium Businesse - U.S. AID Fact Sheet
West Bank and Gaza - ICT Partnerships - U.S. AID Fact Sheet
Press Briefing on the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship by Senior Administration Officials
A New Beginning: Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship - Fact Sheet - U.S. Department of State
FPC Briefing by Dennis Hightower, Deputy, Sec. of Commerce, on the Entrepreneurship Summit-11/23/09
Remarks by President Obama on a New Beginning, Cairo U., Cairo, Egypt - June 4, 2009
-Pakistan - Support to Small and Medium Businesses - U.S. AID Fact Sheet  [92 Kb]

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Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship
Bureau of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs - U.S. Department of State
Business and Trade - America.gov - International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State
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Background Information
Entrepreneurship Spreads Across U.S. University Campuses - america.gov - March 25, 2010
Summit on Entrepreneurship - Answering the President's Call
Entrepreneurs from Muslim World Sought for Washington Summit - 11/25/2009 - U.S. Dept. of State
A New Beginning: U.S. Summit on Entrepreneurship - 03/22/2010 - U.S. Department of State