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-Press Briefing by Ben Rhodes, Gary Samore and Laura Holgate - 04/13/2010

-Sec. Clinton's Remarks with Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu before Their Meeting - 04/13/2010

-Statement of President Obama on Russia Shutting Down Final Plutonium Reactor - 04/13/2010

-Remarks by Secretary Clinton and Secretary Chu at the Signing of Megaports Agreement - 04/13/2010

-President Obama Press Conference - 04/13/2010

-Remarks by Sec. Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Signing the Protocol - 04/13/2010

-2000 Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement - 04/13/2010

-Media Note-Sec. Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov Signed the 2000 Plutonium Agreement - 04/13/2010

-Trilateral Announcement Between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada on Nuclear Security - 04/13/2010

-Remarks by the President at the Opening Plenary Session at the Nuclear Security Summit - 04/13/2010

-Press Briefing by Jeff Bader, NSC Senior Director for Asian Affairs - 04/12/2010

-Remarks by President Obama & President Zuma of South Africa before Bilateral Meeting - 4/11

-Briefing on the President's Bilateral Meetings and the Nuclear Security Summit - 04/11/2010

-Interview with Sec. of State Clinton and Sec. of Defense Gates on "Meet the Press" - 04/09/2010

-Interview - Sec. of State Clinton & Sec. of Defense Gates on "This Week" - 04/09/2010

-Interview - Sec. of State Clinton & Sec. of Defense Gates on "Face the Nation" - 04/09/2010

-White House Briefing to Preview the Nuclear Security Summit - 04/09/2010

-Remarks by Secretary Clinton on Nuclear Nonproliferation at the University of Louisville- 04/09/2010

-Our Giant Step Towards a World Free from Nuclear Danger - Op-Ed by Secretary Clinton - 04/08/2010

-Toast Remarks by President Obama, Prague, Czech Republic - 04/08/2010

-Remarks by President Obama and Russian President Medvedev at START Treaty Signing - 04/08/2010

-Background Briefing on the Nuclear Posture Review from the Pentagon - 4/6/2010

-Briefing with Sec. Gates, Adm. Mullen, Sec. Clinton and Sec. Chu from the Pentagon - 04/06/2010

-Special Briefing on the Nuclear Posture Review from the Pentagon - 04/06/2010

-Statement of President Obama on the Release of Nuclear Posture Review - 4/6/2010

-Remarks by Under Sec. Tauscher on New START Treaty & Administration's Nonproliferation Agenda 3/29

-Announcement of the New START Treaty - President Obama, Secretaries Clinton and Gates -3/26/2010

-Remarks by Secretary Clinton on 40th Anniversary of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty - 3/5/2010

-Vice President Biden's Speech at National Defense University - February 18, 2010

-President Obama's Remarks in Prague, Czech Republic - 04/05/2009