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U.S. Department of State

Diplomacy in Action


-12/15/09   Camp Atterbury--Muscatatuck Center for Complex Operations
-12/04/09   FPC Tour to Observe the 2010 FIFA World Cup Drawing
-11/23/09   Sharing the Harvest at Martha's Table
-11/16/09   Greening the Rustbelt - Toledo Transitions into Solar Future
-11/15/09   Kennedy Space Center and Shuttle Launch
-10/26/09   Nuclear Energy
-10/05/09   H1N1 and U.S. Cooperation with Latin America
-10/02/09   A Taste of Virginia's Heritage: The 2009 State Fair of Virginia
-09/30/09   Climate Change and Green Technology
-09/10/09   National September 11 Memorial & Museum
-08/23/09   Silicon Valley: Current 21st Century Trends of U.S. Information Technology Tour
-07/28/09   USS Intrepid Museum
-07/24/09   NATO Tour
-07/23/09   Newark, New Jersey
-07/15/09   North Dakota Energy and Agriculture Tour
-07/13/09   Transnational Crime Tour for Mexican and Central American Media
-06/24/09   Smart Grid
-06/16/09   Stimulus in Action - Columbus, Ohio
-06/16/09   Tour to San Diego, California
-06/05/09   Fighting Hunger in DC - One Day Tour to DC Central Kitchen
-06/04/09   Tour Highlights Islamic Art and Culture
-06/03/09   The Making of a Marine - Urban Warfare Training
-05/29/09   Tour of the U.S. Supreme Court
-05/12/09   FPC Tour to FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia
-05/06/09   Reporting Tour to Philadelphia
-04/14/09   Golden Gloves
-04/06/09   Media Tour to Fort Polk, Louisiana
-04/02/09   Humana Theater Festival
-03/30/09   Tour Coverage of Summit of the Americas
-03/19/09   History and Evolution of Jazz
-03/10/09   Tour to Netflix
-02/24/09   FPC Media Visit Quantico to Cover Marine Officer Training