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Diplomacy in Action

Economics and Trade

-06/12/14   Tour to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center
-06/05/14   Introduction to the Federal Reserve System
-03/12/14   Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
-01/30/14   Highlighting the Importance of International Business, Trade & Investment in Miami, Florida
-01/10/14   Wall Street Perspectives on the Global Economy and Financial Industry Trends
-12/04/13   Benefits of Greater U.S-Asia Economic Integration
-10/28/13   Immigrant Economic Advancement Briefing and NYC Varick Street Incubator Tour
-08/26/13   Revitalizing Washington, One District at A Time
-06/27/13   Agriculture in America
-06/21/13   Sustainable Use of Oceans, Water, and Fishing Resources: The Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
-06/20/13   Urban Farming
-06/12/13   Citi Bike Share Program
-06/04/13   Brewing Up Business: The American Microbrewery and Craft Beer Industry
-05/01/13   Made in America: High-Tech Manufacturing in Upstate New York - Part 2
-12/18/12   Tour to Look at Bloomingdale's Holiday Retail Push
-12/17/12   New York's Madison Avenue Business Improvement District
-01/09/12   View from Detroit: The American Auto Industry, Economic Recovery and Presidential Politics
-12/15/11   Trends in U.S. Retailing Tour
-12/05/11   New York City Economic Development Strategies
-12/05/11   State Job Creation and Healthcare Initiatives in Connecticut and Massachusetts
-10/10/11   Food Security Tour to Iowa and Washington, DC
-08/24/11   Tour to New York's Diamond District
-07/27/11   Rebuilding America: Education Reform, Jobs, and Economic Development - Northwest Indiana & Chicago, IL
-05/06/11  The Ongoing Budget Debate; Washington, DC
-04/21/11   Closing Bell Ceremony of the New York Stock Exchange
-02/08/11   Impact of Tourism on California's Economy
-01/11/11   Federal Reserve Bank of New York
-08/25/10   Museum of American Finance
-08/09/10   New Hampshire's Revitalized Industry and Alternative Energy Resources
-07/20/10   Made in Midtown: How the Garment District Impacts New York's Fashion Industry and Economy
-06/21/10   Data Privacy Tour for European Journalists
-05/10/10   Idaho - Green Energy State
-01/11/10   2010 North American International Auto Show
-07/15/09   North Dakota Energy and Agriculture Tour
-06/16/09   Stimulus in Action - Columbus, Ohio
-03/10/09   Tour to Netflix