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-04/26/16   Connecticut: Primary Day Voting Observation
-04/09/15   Anniversary of the End of the Civil War Highlights Resilience of American Democracy
-11/05/12   Domestic Reporting Tour to Boston for Election Night
-10/31/12   2012 Presidential Election Foreign Tour to New Hampshire and Boston, Massachusetts
-10/31/12   2012 Presidential Election Foreign Tour to Ohio and Chicago, Illinois
-10/31/12   Election Tour for West African Media
-10/14/12   U.S. presidential election and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East - Foreign Tour for Middle East Journalists
-10/09/12   Vice Presidential Debate Tour
-09/26/12   Foreign/Domestic Tours - First Presidential Debate at University of Denver
-06/10/12   Youth in Politics in the United States Foreign Tour
-02/29/12   The Ohio Primary
-01/30/12   The Florida Primary - Tours to Miami and Tampa
-01/09/12   View from Detroit: The American Auto Industry, Economic Recovery and Presidential Politics
-11/02/11   Tour to Congressional Research Service (CRS) at the Library of Congress
-06/09/11  The Debt Debate and its Political Implications; Washington, DC
-10/31/10   On the Campaign Trail - Florida Midterm Elections
-10/27/10   On the Campaign Trail - International Journalists in Florida
-10/27/10   On the Campaign Trail - Nevada
-10/25/10   On the Campaign Trail - California
-10/13/10   On the Campaign Trail: Delaware
-08/04/10   Tour of the House of Representatives
-07/26/10   Insiders' Tour of the U.S. Senate
-05/29/09   Tour of the U.S. Supreme Court