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Diplomacy in Action

By Region

-11/19/14   Solution's Driven Stakeholders in Fight to End Ebola
-10/30/14   African Art and Curatorial Ingenuity at the Brooklyn Museum
-07/27/14   Spotlight on Commitment to Africa 2014 - Foreign Reporting Tour
-10/31/12   Election Tour for West African Media
-01/19/11  U.S. Government Policy in Africa: A Look at the Year Ahead; Washington, DC

East Asia and Pacific
-12/04/13   Benefits of Greater U.S-Asia Economic Integration
-05/02/13   Preview Tour to the Smithsonian's Asia Pacific American and Indian American Heritage Exhibits
-03/22/12   Cherry Blossom Tour
-08/11/11   Baseball and Softball Clinic for Japanese Youth Exchange at Orioles Camden Yards
-06/15/11   Tour to Promote the 100,000 Strong Presidential Initiative

-03/12/14   Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
-11/14/10   Innovative Green Technology Tour
-06/21/10   Data Privacy Tour for European Journalists
-04/30/10  Transatlantic Week; William E. Kennard, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union; Foreign Press Center; Washington, DC
-09/30/09   Climate Change and Green Technology
-07/24/09   NATO Tour

Middle East and North Africa
-10/14/12   U.S. presidential election and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East - Foreign Tour for Middle East Journalists
-06/04/09   Tour Highlights Islamic Art and Culture

South and Central Asia
-01/06/14   Promoting Counterterrorism Coordination and Cooperation
-05/02/13   Preview Tour to the Smithsonian's Asia Pacific American and Indian American Heritage Exhibits
-04/06/11   Making of a U.S. Marine Officer / Urban Warfare
-02/02/11  U.S. Foreign Policy Goals and Objectives in Southeast Asia for 2011;  Assistant Secretary Kurt M. Campbell, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs; Washington, DC
-06/07/10  A Read-out of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue; Robert Blake Jr. , Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs ; Foreign Press Center; Washington, DC
-04/06/09   Media Tour to Fort Polk, Louisiana

The Americas
-03/13/14   The Future of Energy in the Americas
-06/12/13   Spanish Language Citizen's Security Reporting Tour on Combating Gang and Drug- Related Violence
-02/27/12   Women's Empowerment and Combating Gender-based Violence
-07/06/10   WHA Reporting Tour to Denver, CO for the Biennial of the Americas
-10/05/09   H1N1 and U.S. Cooperation with Latin America
-07/13/09   Transnational Crime Tour for Mexican and Central American Media
-03/30/09   Tour Coverage of Summit of the Americas