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-02/28/06   Iran's Nuclear Program: Recent Developments -- Updated
-02/24/06   Saudi Arabia: Current Issues and U.S. Relations -- Updated
-02/24/06   Sudan: Humanitarian Crisis, Peace Talks, Terrorism, and U.S. Policy -- Update
-02/23/06   Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Political Developments and Implications for U.S. interests -- Updated
-02/23/06   Iraq: Summary of U.S. Casualties -- Updated
-02/23/06   Nigeria in Political Transition -- Updated
-02/23/06   Taiwan's Political Status: Historical Background and Ongoing Implications -- NEW!
-02/23/06   U.S. and International Responses to the Global Spread of Avian Flu: Issues for Congress -- Updated
-02/22/06   Climate Change Legislation in the 109th Congress -- Updated
-02/17/06   Renewable Energy: Tax Credit, Budget, and Electricity Production Issues -- Updated
-02/16/06   Arts and Humanities: Background on Funding -- Updated
-02/15/06   Russia's Cutoff of National Gas to Ukraine: Context and Implications -- NEW!
-02/14/06   War Powers Resolution: Presidential Compliance -- Updated
-02/13/06   Israel: Background and Relations with the United States -- Updated
-02/11/06   U.S. Assistance to North Korea: Fact Sheet -- Updated
-02/10/06   Internet Development and Information Control in the People's Republic of China -- Updated
-02/10/06   Pakistan-U.S. Relations -- Updated
-02/09/06   Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Legislation in the 109th Congress -- Updated
-02/09/06   India-U.S. Relations -- Updated
-02/09/06   Iraq: U.S. Regime Change Efforts and Post-Saddam Governance -- Updated
-02/09/06   Palestinian Elections -- NEW!
-02/09/06   South Korea- U.S. Economic Relations: Cooperation, Friction, and Prospects for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) -- Updated
-02/08/06   Campaign Finance -- Updated
-02/08/06   The Global Peace Operations Initiative: Background and Issues for Congress -- Updated
-02/07/06   India: Chronology of Recent Events -- Updated
-02/07/06   Millennium Challenge Account: Implementation of a New U.S. Foreign Aid Initiative -- Updated
-02/07/06   Pakistan: Chronology of Recent Events -- Updated
-02/06/06   Navy Role in Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) - Background and Issues for Congress -- NEW!
-02/03/06   Brazilian Trade Policy and the United States -- NEW!
-02/03/06   FEMA's Flood Hazard Map Modernization Initiative -- NEW!
-02/02/06   Drug Control: International Policy and Approaches -- Updated
-02/02/06   Terrorism and National Security: Issues and Trends -- Updated
-02/02/06   U.S. Aid to the Palestinians -- NEW!
-02/01/06   Conducting Foreign Relations Without Authority: The Logan Act -- NEW!
-02/01/06   Federal Research and Develoment Funding: FY2006 -- Updated