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-03/31/04   A Guide to Major Congressional and Presidential Awards -- Updated
-03/31/04   Campaign Finance: Constitutional and Legal Issues of Soft Money -- Updated
-03/30/04   Policing in Peacekeeping and Related Stability Operations: Problems and Proposed Solutions -- Updated
-03/29/04   Elections Reform: Overview and Issues -- Updated
-03/26/04   Trade Negotiations in the 108th Congress -- Updated
-03/26/04   Trafficking in Women and Children: The U.S. and International Response -- Updated
-03/25/04   Afghanistan: Post-War Governance, Security, and U.S. Policy -- Updated
-03/17/04   Qatar: Background and U.S. Relations -- Updated
-03/12/04   A Free Trade Area of the Americas: Status of Negotiations and Major Policy Issues -- Updated
-03/11/04   Enforcing Immigration Law: The Role of State and Local Enforcement -- NEW!
-03/11/04   The U.N. Convention Against Torture: Overview of U.S. Implementation Policy Concerning the Removal of Aliens -- NEW!
-03/11/04   Weapons of Mass Destruction: Trade Between North Korea and Pakistan -- NEW!
-03/10/04   The Budget for Fiscal Year 2005 -- NEW!
-03/08/04   Terrorism in South Asia -- NEW!
-03/05/04   Missile Survey: Ballistic and Cruise Missiles of Foreign Countries -- Updated
-03/04/04   Black Members of the United States Congress: 1870-2004 -- Updated
-03/04/04   Iran's Nuclear Program: Recent Developments -- Updated
-03/04/04   Visa Policy: Roles of the Departments of State and Homeland Security -- NEW!
-03/01/04   AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC): Problems, Responses, and Issues for Congress -- NEW!