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-10/31/03   Agricultural Trade in a U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) NEW!
-10/30/03   Campaign Finance: Constitutional and Legal Issues of Soft Money -- Updated
-10/30/03   Elections Reform: Overview and Issues -- Updated
-10/29/03   Islamic Religious Schools, Madrasas: Background NEW!
-10/28/03   Africa's Great Lakes Region: Current Conditions in Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda NEW!
-10/21/03   Malaysia: Political Transition and Implications for U.S. Policy NEW!
-10/21/03   The "FTO List" and Congress: Sanctioning Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations NEW!
-10/17/03   Computer Attack and Cyber Terrorism: Volunerabilities and Policy Issues for Congress NEW!
-10/17/03   Missile Proliferation and the Strategic Balance in South Asia NEW!
-10/15/03   FY2004 Supplemental Appropriations for Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Global War on Terrorism: Military Operations & Reconstruction Assistance Updated
-10/14/03   Iraq: Summary of U.S. Casualties Updated
-10/10/03   Egypt-United States Relations Updated
-10/10/03   Iraq: U.S. Regime Change Efforts and Post-War Governance Updated
-10/10/03   Israeli-United States Relations Updated
-10/10/03   Palestinians and Middle East Peace: ssues for the United States Updated
-10/10/03   Syria: U.S. Relations and Bilateral Issues Updated
-10/09/03   India-U.S. Relations Updated
-10/07/03   Afghanistan: Current Issues and U.S. Policy Updated
-10/07/03   India: Chronology of Events Updated
-10/07/03   Iraq: UN Inspections for Weapons of Mass Destruction Updated
-10/07/03   Nuclear Nonproliferation Issues Updated
-10/06/03   Intelligence Issues for Congress Updated
-10/03/03   AIDS in Africa Updated
-10/03/03   China-U.S. Trade Issues Updated
-10/03/03   Israel: U.S. Foreign Assistance Updated
-10/03/03   Pakistan-U.S. Relations Updated
-10/02/03   Iraq: Recent Developments in Reconstruction Assistance Updated
-10/02/03   Iraq: U.S. Military Operations Updated
-10/02/03   Pakistan: Chronology of Events Updated
-10/02/03   Terrorism and National Security: Issues and Trends Updated