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Foreign Press Centers Media Credential Application Guidelines (New York)

The Foreign Press Centers (FPC) issue its own press credential that is recognized by many Federal, state, and local governments and private organizations across the United States and allows access to the FPC facilities and services in Washington and New York. The FPC credential is typically valid for three years and renewable at the end of that period for members of the media on continuing assignment in the United States.

To apply for a credential from the New York Foreign Press Center (NYFPC), please first call the NYFPC at (646) 282-2830 to schedule an appointment with the NYFPC Media Relations Officer responsible for your geographic region. Appointments take place at 799 United Nations PlazaAt the time of your appointment, please bring the following documents:

(1) An original, recently dated letter from the director of the media organization for which you work, written in English on the organization's letterhead, confirming your assignment to the United States. The letter should include your title/position and the duration of your assignment;

(2) An original letter on consulate letterhead from the press attaché of the consulate in New York of the country in which your organization is based attesting to the bona fides of the media organization;

(3) Passport and proof showing that you are legally authorized to work in the United States. Qualifying documents include a valid U.S. passport or other evidence of U.S. citizenship, a valid "I" journalist visa or other appropriate temporary worker visa, evidence of refugee or asylee status, or a U.S. permanent resident "green" card; and

(4) An article and/or news piece that you filed recently with your media organization from the United States.

FPC Credential Renewals: The procedure for renewing an FPC credential is the same as applying for a new one, except that you will not be required to submit an embassy/consulate letter if you have not changed media organizations.

Please Note: If at any time you change media organizations, please immediately notify the Media Relations Officer responsible for your geographic region to obtain a new credential.


If you need a New York DMV letter for a driver's license: The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires all "I" Visa holders in New York City to obtain a letter from the NYFPC before issuing a New York State Driver's License or Photo Identification Card. To receive this letter, you need to be registered and in good standing with the NYFPC, and the letter from your news organization must contain the duration of your assignment in New York. Duration of assignment must be a specified date (month/day/year). If you need a letter for the Department of Motor Vehicles, it can be obtained during your registration appointment or in a separate appointment scheduled with your designated regional Media Relations Officer. Please note that appointments are required in order to register and/or obtain the DMV letter.


Other Media Credentialing Information for New York


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