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U.S. Energy Security: Hydropower -- The Leading Source of Renewable Energy

July 2, 2014

State Dept Image/Jul 02, 2014/Niagra Falls, New York
Date: 07/02/2014 Location: Niagra Falls, New York Description: Foreign media visit Niagra Falls to look at hydropower: the leading source of renewable energy in the United States - State Dept Image

July 2-3, 2014; Buffalo, New York
Contact: New York Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer Melissa Waheibi
Telephone: 646-282-2831; email:

During a July 2-3 visit to Niagara and Buffalo, New York, the New York Foreign Press Center arranged for correspondents from China, Vietnam, and South Korea to visit the United States’ third largest hydropower plant (Niagara is the largest electricity producer in New York state). The journalists also visited a Niagara-powered local steel company and the University of Buffalo, whose campus apartments run on solar panels. In addition, media had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Brian Higgins, a champion of renewable energy growth in his New York district.