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The Future of Energy in the Americas

March 13, 2014

State Dept Image/Mar 20, 2014/Raleigh, NC
Date: 03/20/2014 Location: Raleigh, NC Description: Journalists visit a solar farm operated by Strata Solar, located outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, where they learned about the solar energy market in North Carolina and the United States, including potential opportunities for international expansion. - State Dept Image

March 13-21, 2014; Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, PA; and Raleigh, NC
Contact: Washington Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer Jean Duggan-Foschetti
Telephone: 202-504-6314; email:

Journalists from 18 countries in the Western Hemisphere participated in the Washington Foreign Press Center’s “The Future of Energy in the Americas” reporting tour. The multi-city program, which included visits to Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Raleigh, North Carolina, provided an opportunity for the journalists to deepen their understanding of traditional and alternative means of energy production in the United States, as well as explore ways in which countries in the Americas and Caribbean can partner with U.S. entities to expand investment and trade in this key sector. It also showcased U.S. leadership in energy policy, and highlighted the benefits that cross-border energy partnerships offer the global community.