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Apollo Theater in Harlem

February 12, 2014

State Dept Image/Feb 12, 2014/Harlem, New York
Date: 02/12/2014 Location: Harlem, New York Description: Foreign media tour the Apollo Theater in Harlem which is celebrating 80 years of artistic innovation and community enjoyment. - State Dept Image

2/12/2014; Harlem, New York
Contact: Daphne Stavropoulos, New York Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer
Telephone: 646-282-2835; email:

During Black History Month, thirty journalists from 16 countries participated in this NYFPC tour of the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem.  Journalists met with Jonelle Procope, President and CEO of the Apollo Theater and Billy Mitchell, aka “Mr. Apollo,” who led a tour of the theater which is celebrating 80 years of artistic innovation and community engagement in 2014. The Apollo Theater has played a historic role in advancing the contributions of African-American and Latino artists, and fostering emerging creative voices across cultural and artistic media.   In addition to the tour, journalists had the chance to attend the Apollo’s famed Amateur Night and observe firsthand how the theater continues to attract emerging talent and serve as a creative catalyst for Harlem, New York City, and the nation.  Briefers also highlighted the Apollo’s education and outreach programs, designed to engage diverse audiences and build on the theater’s rich legacy as an economic anchor for greater Harlem.