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Highlighting the Importance of International Business, Trade & Investment in Miami, Florida

January 30, 2014

January 30 - 31, 2014; Miami, Florida
Contact: Washington Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer Jean Duggan-Foschetti
Telephone: 202-504-6314; email:

Foreign media participated in a WFPC reporting tour to Miami, FL that focused on the city’s rise in social and economic prominence and increasingly important business and trade connections with Latin America and beyond. The tour visited the Port of Miami, already the top global cruise passenger port, and learned about its plans underway to increase cargo capacity with the upcoming completion of the Panama Canal expansion. They met with the mayor of Miami, private sector high-tech business leaders, and visited Miami-Dade college to discuss the importance of international education exchanges and the college’s focus on students from Latin America, supporting the 100K Strong in the Americas initiative. Cultural diversity was also touched on in visits to art sites showcasing artists from around the world.