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Tour to INTERPOL Washington

July 30, 2013

State Dept Image/Aug 30, 2013/Washington, DC
Date: 08/30/2013 Location: Washington, DC Description: Foreign media tour the INTERPOL office in Washington, DC - State Dept Image

July 30, 2013; Washington, DC
Contact: Washington Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer Andrew Strike
Telephone: 202-504-6356; email:

The Washington Foreign Press Center arranged for foreign media representatives to tour the United States National Central Bureau of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), which supports worldwide, police-to-police communications and criminal intelligence networks. Media were briefed by INTERPOL Washington Director Shawn Bray about the agency's role in facilitating international police cooperation between its 190 member countries and coordination with the more than 18,000 local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies in the United States that seek assistance in criminal investigations that extend beyond our national borders. Media asked about the use of INTERPOL "Red Notices" to locate and apprehend fugitives, and toured the agency’s 24/7/365 command center, where they had a chance to hear more about Washington INTERPOL's role in facilitating international cooperation in such areas as combating crimes against children. Twenty-six media attended from 17 countries, including China, Colombia, France, Italy, India, Russia, Japan, Korea and Mexico.