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Tour to Gallaudet University

March 27, 2012

Date: 03/27/2012 Location: Washington, DC. Description: Foreign media visiting Gallaudent University on a reporting tour organized by the Washington Foreign Press Center. - State Dept Image

March 27, 2012; Washington, DC.
Contact: Washington Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer Saul Hernandez
Telephone: 202-504-6327; email:
Journalists from nine countries attended a half-day tour of Gallaudet University, the world’s only university in which all programs and services are designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students. University president Alan Hurwitz spoke to the journalists about the Americans with Disabilities Act and other legislation that supports the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing. Participants also learned about the university’s history, interviewed neuroscientists at the Brain and Language Laboratory, and toured new facilities that utilize “DeafSpace,” which provides visual cues for the hard of hearing. The tour concluded with a visit to an undergraduate lecture and interviews with deaf Peace Corps Volunteers and international students.