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Virginia Primary

March 5, 2012

Date: 03/06/2012 Location: Stafford County, Virginia Description: Foreign journalists visit a polling place in Stafford County, Virginia, on Super Tuesday, and interview a voter. - State Dept Image

March 5-6, 2012; Richmond and Stafford County, Virginia
Belinda Jackson-Farrier, Washington FPC Media Relations Officer - 202-504-6370, email:
Doris Robinson, Washington FPC Media Relations Officer - 202-504-6353, email:

On March 5 and 6, the Washington Foreign Press Center hosted a Super Tuesday-related tour to Central and Northern Virginia. The key objective of the tour was to provide the journalists with a deeper understanding of many key election issues facing Virginia voters. During the tour, the group met with academics, business and civic representatives, government officials and political leaders.

The tour focused on three key elements: Virginia’s complex political landscape and demographic shifts, Virginia’s economy, and the mechanics of the state’s election process. During the trip, the group met with academic experts from the University of Richmond and the Brookings Institute in order to understand Virginia’s political and demographic structure. They met with senior state officials including Agriculture and Forestry Secretary Todd Haymore and representatives of Virginia’s Economic Development Partnership to learn more about the state’s economy and efforts to develop rural areas. The State Board of Elections Secretary Donald Palmer discussed the primary voting process and on voting day the journalists traveled to Stafford County where they observed the polling process and interviewed voters. The group also met with representatives from the Young Republicans and the Young Democrats to gain their perspectives on the youth vote, the primary, and the general election.