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Broadcast Media Access to APEC Television Feeds

November 8, 2011


Broadcast Media Access to APEC Television Feeds

Not for Publication - For Planning Purposes Only


Broadcast media will have access to television feeds of the APEC Ministerial main open press events at the Hawaiian Convention Center via a distribution point in the file center or on the APEC press web site. 

The APEC web site link is

username: press

Password: apec


This open level of access only includes primary open press events from the Hawaiian Convention Center, not the Leaders' events from venues beyond the convention center. 


Leaders' events coverage is produced by a consortium of media organizations consisting of the White House Pool and International Pool entities APTN, Reuters, and Eurovision who will have cameras and fiber connectivity at the open press Leaders' events. 


All feeds originating from APEC Pool cameras are subject to permission for use by the APEC Pool consortium.  Only approved broadcasters will be allowed to access these feeds.


All broadcasters interested in using these television feeds for re-purposing must have permission from the APEC Pool consortium, either as a member subscriber or by paying a usage fee.  The White House and State Department have no role in this fee-for-service arrangement.


Approved broadcasters can connect video recorders to these feeds either directly from one of the pool consortium provider's or from the file center video distribution center.


The file center video distribution center can support 16X9 SDI embedded audio NTSC; 16X9 SDI embedded audio PAL; 16X9 Analog NTSC; 16X9 Analog PAL.    Any cabling required for these connections is the responsibility of each broadcaster.  All cables connected to these video mults must be labeled.


All feeds are standard definition, 16X9 anamorphic.


Pool Consortium Contact Information for APEC Leaders Pool Feeds:


Susan Henderson -   (202) 320-6302 or (917) 445-4141



Kevin Regan -  (818) 749-1009



Sara Gibbons -   (202) 270-8390


Please direct questions concerning this to Michael J. Murphy, US Department of State Bureau of Public Affairs,   (202) 412-4243