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UPDATED - Frequently Asked Media Questions

November 2, 2011


Frequently Asked Media Questions

APEC 2011 Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM)

Honolulu, Hawai’i



Support Contact

If you have any questions regarding press/media credentialing, please contact the APEC 2011 Media desk directly at For general questions concerning APEC please send an email to 


Media Credentials

How do I know I’ve successfully completed the application?

When you submitted your credentials application, you should have received an email with a confirmation number to verify that it was received.   Contact for any technical questions about your application.

Credential Distribution

Credentials will be distributed at the Ilikai Hotel starting on Saturday, November 5.  Additional details will be provided closer to Leaders’ Week.


Economy Press Officers and Official Photographers traveling with delegations

All official photographers, videographers and press officers are considered official members of your delegation and should have registered via your Delegation Accreditation Officer (DAO) and not via the media registration link. Each economy was able to register up to two (2) press officers for Leaders’ week.  Economies will be allocated four (4) yellow zone underlays for their official photographer(s) and press officer(s). These underlays will allow access to all photo spray and pooled press opportunities.

How Will Delegates Collect Event Specific Passes? 
Your assigned State Department Liaison Officers (LO) will deliver your event specific passes.  Distribution date is still to be determined.  LOs can also pick up traveling press credentials from the Ilikai Hotel for distribution to the delegations.  Press who registered through the media registration can also pick up credentials at the Ilakai Hotel beginning on November 5 at 9:00 a.m.

Visas for Media/Press

Media/press covering Leaders’ Week who are not U.S. citizens, or do not currently hold a work permit, are required to have an “I” visa. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) does not cover individuals coming to the U.S. to work, even for a short period of time. Visit and for more information.

Leaders’ Arrivals and Departures NEW!

Are there specific registration requirements for press who want to cover Leaders’ arrivals ?

Yes, we will advise the press registered for APEC of all Leaders’ arrivals at Hickam Air Force Base.  Those interested in covering arrivals must sign up at least 24-hours in advance of each arrival to be cleared to cover these events.  Details will be available at the IMC’s information desk beginning on November 8.  Please note that press will be required to provide their own transportation to and from Hickam (press will assemble at Kuntz Gate and be shuttled to the site for Leaders’ arrivals).

Will press covering Leaders’ arrivals at Hickam need any special credentials?

Press Covering Leaders’ arrivals will only need the yellow APEC press credential.

Is there a limit to press covering arrivals?

There is no limit on press covering arrivals.

Will there be a plan to cover Leaders’ depart ures at Hickam Air Force Base?

Leaders’ departures will be closed to press.

Spouse Program

How many event passes will each delegation receive for the Spouse Program?

Each Economy will be given 2 press event passes for the Spouse Program at Kualoa Ranch.  Delegations can distribute those passes to official photographers or to press.  More information on schedule will be available around November 7.

International Media Center (IMC)

New Hours for the IMC: 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 8 through 6:00 a.m. on Monday, November 14.  The IMC will operate on a 24-hour schedule over this period.

What infrastructure will be provided in the International Media Center (IMC)?

Tables, chairs and wireless internet (Wi-Fi) will be provided in the IMC.  Tables/chairs will be available on a first come/first served basis.  If your organization would like to reserve work space, stand up locations or order other equipment or infrastructure, please refer to the Showcall and Hargrove Media Rate Cards for associated costs here:


Will Traffic be restricted in the area around the IMC? NEW!

Yes, traffic around the Hawai’i Convention Center will be restricted.  For more details, see the following press release at:

Meals for Media

Media will be able to pay for their meals on site in the International Media Center (IMC) at the Hawai’i Convention Center(HCC).


Media Availability

What events will allow press coverage? Is there a schedule available for events that will allow press coverage (e.g. opening, speeches, etc.)? Are there events that only official photographers or videographers can cover?

Each economy can designate staff as official photographers/videographers using the delegation credentialing process (please consult your Delegation Liaison Officer [DLO]). At this time there are no events that are only opened to the official photographers/videographers. However, please note that official photographers/videographers will need event-specific underlays to cover each event. A specific schedule of open press events will be available closer to Leaders’ Week.

Will delegation press officers need to escort press to media events NEW!
No, press officers do not need to escort press to media events.  APEC staff will ensure that all press is escorted to the correct locations for relevant events.


Media Pool

There are certain press opportunities at the AELM that are capacity limited. The U.S. Government will designate underlays for these opportunities. All credentials for these events will be distributed to each member Economy for distribution to their press staff. More information will be available closer to Leaders’ Week.


Customs and Immigration
Are there any special customs/immigration arrangements for delegates and press arriving at the Honolulu International Airport NEW!
Yes, there will be an APEC clearance lane for customs and immigration at the Honolulu International Airport.


Media Equipment

Port Courtesies

Official photographers or press officers arriving as part of an Economy’s official delegation will be granted Port Courtesies, allowing equipment to enter the U.S. without being assessed duty. Please contact your Embassy in Washington, D.C. to coordinate Port Courtesies for the APEC meeting.  A list of ALL equipment being brought into the U.S. for Leaders’ Week is required. If delegation press officers are arriving in advance of the leader, this must be noted as well. 


Bringing Equipment into the U.S.

Press bringing equipment (from outside the U.S.) to Honolulu for Leaders’ Week should obtain a Temporary Importation Bond (TIB) or a Carnet. A TIB allows members of the media to transport equipment (tools of the trade) without incurring duty. For those unfamiliar with the process, the U.S. Department of Homeland security (DHS) recommends hiring a broker to facilitate the process. A list of brokers can be found through DHS’ website. Fees vary so journalists should consult the list and contact brokers for specifics.  Information on bringing equipment into the U.S. can be found at the link below:  A list of TIB Brokers for Honolulu can be found here:  

Press in possession of a Carnet can also transport equipment into the U.S. without incurring duty. According to the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, ATA Carnets are accepted for goods traveling between the U.S. and a number of other countries. Visit this link for more information:  For a list of participating countries please visit:


Tags for Press Baggage

No special tags for press baggage are being issued.



Dress Code

Dress code is professional yet should also be appropriate for Hawai’i. “Aloha business” style (colorful shirt with non-jean trousers or skirt) is appropriate for all venues.



Shuttles for the press will be provided.  All press will need to meet at the Hawai’i Convention Center (HCC) for security screening and then will be transported to each event. Shuttle service will also be available between designated APEC hotels and the HCC. An APEC badge (press or delegation) will provide access to the shuttles.

Have specific sweep and shuttle times been established for off site events (for example Leaders’ event at the JW Marriott or the Spouse event at Kualoa Ranch)? NEW!

This information will be released around November 7.

Can official photographers travel in Leaders’ motorcade? NEW!





Is there a set-up plan and detailed layout of the meetings?

This information will not be available until approximately one week prior to the AELM.


Are there restrictions on entry to the meeting areas? If so, how will the press gain access to the meeting venues?

Each economy will be given underlays for each event based on the amount of space available for press at each venue.  It will be up to each economy to distribute these to press staff and official photographers.  The number of underlays per event for each economy will be provided closer to Leaders’ Week.


Briefing Rooms

Economies will be able to reserve briefing rooms in the weeks ahead of AELM. Conflicts in time preference will be resolved by a combination of the order in which the requests are received and protocol order. Your liaison officer will have further information on this in the coming weeks.



There will be official backdrops in all briefing rooms.


Meeting Rooms

Information on how to book a meeting room will be provided as soon as possible.

CEO Summit & Other NCAPEC Events NEW!

Whom should we contact regarding the CEO Summit or other NCAPEC events?

Please contact the team via email  Or call of the team members below:
Matthew Doering +1-917-374-4369
Sarah Vellozzi +1-917-657-6974
John Johnson +1-206-660-2789