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Rebuilding America: Education Reform, Jobs, and Economic Development - Northwest Indiana & Chicago, IL

July 27, 2011

Date: 07/27/2011 Location: Gary, Indiana Description: Gary, Indiana Mayor Rudy Clay discusses with foreign media the future of his city, economic development and measures taken for rebuilding it. - State Dept Image

July 27-29, 2011; Northwest Indiana and Chicago, IL.
Contact: New York Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer Neda Brown
Telephone: 646-282-2832; email:

The New York Foreign Press Center lead a reporting tour to Northwest Indiana and Chicago, IL to take a look at economic development and American resilience in a down economy.  During the three-day reporting tour, journalists from Asia and Europe visited local businesses and governments, city planners and developers, labor representatives, and education experts  to discuss efforts to rebuild America and increase its global competitiveness.