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SOM 3 Key Events

August 1, 2011

The Third APEC Senior Officials Meeting and Related Meetings (SOM 3) will take place in San Francisco, California, September 11-26, 2011, in preparation for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Honolulu in November. Meetings at SOM 3 will focus on further promoting regional economic integration, developing green growth throughout the member economies, and encouraging regional cooperation and convergence.

In addition to the Senior Officials Meeting, Energy and Transportation Ministers will be meeting jointly, followed by a Transportation Ministerial meeting. The Women and the Economy Summit—a new APEC forum to foster women's economic empowerment—will feature a keynote by Secretary Clinton, in addition to a multitude of other high-profile speakers from government and the private sector.

The Secure Trade in the APEC Region (STAR) Conference will gather representatives from government, the private sector, and academia to discuss initiatives for securing trade and securing travel throughout the region. The High-Level Health Systems meeting and the High-Level Innovation, Trade, and Technology meeting will both feature Minister-level participation.

It is hoped that the events at SOM 3 will build upon an already-successful U.S. host year and continue to contribute to the robust set of recommendations Senior Officials will put forth to Leaders in Honolulu.

Energy-Transport Ministerial Conference – September 13

  • Level of attendance: Transportation and Energy Ministers, government officials, private sector executives, municipal planning authorities, multilateral organizations, NGOs and academia.

· Agenda: Public-private dialogue on moving APEC toward an energy efficient, low-carbon sustainable transport future.

Transportation Ministerial Meeting – September 14

  • Level of attendance: Transportation Ministers, government officials, private sector, multilateral organizations and academia.
  • Agenda: Balancing Safety, Security and Sustainability for the APEC-Region.

Women and the Economy Summit (WES) – September 13-16

  • Level of attendance: Senior government and private sector leaders
  • Agenda: Fostering women’s economic empowerment; focus on access to markets and capital, capacity building, and leadership

Secure Trade in the APEC Region Conference (STAR) – September 15-16

  • Level of attendance: Representatives from government, private sector, multilateral organizations and academia
  • Agenda: Identify ways to address current/emerging security challenges and vulnerabilities impacting regional commerce.

High-Level Health Systems Innovation Meeting 2011 – September 16-17

  • Level of attendance: Senior health officials, leading academics, and industry leaders
  • Agenda: Examining public health challenges in the region and the role of public-private cooperation to strengthen health systems, reducing the economic burden of disease.

High-Level Conference on Innovation, Trade, and Technology – September 19-20

  • Level of attendance: Key representatives from the government, private sector, and academia
  • Agenda: Importance and benefits of effective innovation policies; social and economic benefits of innovation and technology use; policies that drive innovation

Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum (SDMOF) – September 21-23

  • Level of attendance: Senior disaster management officials and private sector participants
  • Agenda: Strengthening private sector preparedness to limit the economic impact of natural disasters

Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) – September 25-26

  • Level of attendance: APEC Senior Officials, private sector (via ABAC), ASEAN, PECC, and PIF observers
  • Agenda: 2011 APEC Priorities