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Big Sky, Montana APEC 2011 Ministerial - broadcast assistance

May 6, 2011

Official Ministerial press events will be pool press coverage unless otherwise noted due to significant space limitations; however, any media outlet will be able to access all pool press content through a special APEC Auxiliary Feeds Distribution Center (AFDC) service at no cost for their broadcast purposes via live streaming and select video on demand postings to an FTP site to be identified at a later date. This will be NTSC, standard definition, 16X9 footage, encoded at 720x480 anamorphic, H.264 2Mbps, audio 192kbps.

APEC AFDC video will also be provided to APTN, Reuters and Eurovision.

APEC AFDC will also provide support to broadcasters to record locally in the filing center through a distribution system to allow broadcasters to connect recording devices for standard definition, 16X9 signals. Broadcasters will be responsible for their own recording devices, media and cabling, to allow for the following connection formats from the AFDC:

a. (16X9) Composite NTSC Video BNC connection

b. (16X9) Composite PAL Video BNC connection

c. (16X9) SDI video BNC with embedded audio

d. (16X9) PAL BNC with embedded audio

e. Standard XLR audio mult

Transmission Capabilities

Because of the terrain, there will not be traditional satellite or broadcast fiber capabilities available at the Big Sky venue for broadcast press covering the APEC meetings. The APEC AFDC will provide transmission assistance to broadcasters for live and taped feeds through the digital streaming and FTP system mentioned earlier in this media note. All support requests must be scheduled and confirmed through the AFDC staff to ensure fulfillment.

Stand-up Positions

The APEC AFDC will also provide support to broadcasters with dedicated stand-up positions immediately outdoors off of the press filing center that will have a canopy in case of inclement weather. These stand-up positions will include power, lighting and telephone for IFB, however media will need phone cards for long distance calls, and will need to use their own mobile phones for coordination lines with their studios. These stand-up positions will be offered for free, but media must share access in as little as 15-minute durations and must be reserved through the press filing center staff.

Capabilities of these stand-up positions will be live and live-to-tape based upon available bandwidth and scheduling within the APEC AFDC system. Live-to-tape will be the most practical and stable approach.

Additional specific questions about the APEC AFDC and broadcast support services can be directed to Michael Murphy, Senior Advisor in Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. He can be reached at or (202) 647-5163 (office) or (202) 412-4243 (cell).