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Religious Diversity in America - Tour to the Historic Synagogue at 6th and I Streets

March 16, 2011

Date: 03/16/2011 Location: Washington DC Description: FPC tour to the historic synagogue at 6th and I Streets as part of a continuing series of tours on religious diversity in America. - State Dept Image

March 16, 2011; Washington, DC.
Contact: Alison Mann, 202-504-6362; email:

As part of a continuing series of tours on religious diversity in America, the Foreign Press Center accompanied journals from Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, and Serbia to the historic Synagogue at 6th and I Streets in Washington, D.C. On the tour, journalists learned about the origins of Judaism in the United States, and the organization of Jews in the District. Dedicated in 1908, the Synagogue represents the growth and stability of Judaism in America, and the Synagogue’s historian pointed out the unique architectural features of the building: five domes, numerous stained glass windows and terra cotta trim. The Synagogue’s director spoke to inter-faith community outreach programs, and the tour concluded with a discussion of Jewish religious practices. The director opened the ark, showing the journalists Torahs rescued from Europe that had survived the Holocaust. Several journalists remarked how useful the tour was in understanding the wide diversity of religions practiced in America.