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The Impact of Africans on U.S. Culture, Economy, Politics, Art, and Investment

February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011, Washington, DC.
Contact: Washington FPC Media Relations Officers Andrea Corey and Dick Custin
Telephone: Andrea Corey - 202-504-6354, email:; Dick Custin - 202-504-6354, email: 

The one-day reporting tour  examined how the African diaspora has impacted U.S. culture, economy, politics, art, and investment. Journalists met with leading African scientists, community organizers, academics, and business people. The three-part tour included a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of African Art, with a guided tour of the museum’s new exhibit “Art and the African Diaspora,” discussing how the African Diaspora uses art to preserve cultural traditions and maintain connections with their homelands. Participants  then met with leading Diaspora business people and community organizers from the Washington area who discussed their experiences emigrating to the U.S., adapting to American society, founding businesses, and maintaining home-country ties. Finally, journalists  received a guided tour of Howard University’s Genome Institute where they learned the significance of Diaspora communities in genetic research, focusing on how genetic testing is being used to connect people to their African roots and to treat diseases common in African-American and other African Diaspora populations. The  media tour enabled foreign journalists to report and explain to their overseas audiences what the African Diaspora is and how the movement of people of African descent has impacted U.S. culture, economy, politics, art, and investment.