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On the Campaign Trail - California

October 25, 2010

Date: 10/25/2010 Location: San Fernando, CA Description: FPC journalists cover the midterm elections in California. - State Dept Image

October 25, 2010; Los Angeles, California
Contact: Neda Brown, New York Foreign Press Center Media Relations Officer

On October 25, twenty-eight journalist from seventeen countries traveled with the Foreign Press Center to Los Angeles to cover California's mid-term election. The University of Southern California's Political Science and Policy team along with David Lauter of the LA Times started the two-day reporting tour with a comprehensive overview of California politics and election issues. Spokespersons both for and against propositions 19 and 23 briefed the group which also heard from Robert M. Stern, President of Center for Governmental Studies and Gary Aven, Chairman of the South Bay Tea Party. Journalists had the opportunity to attend The Women's Conference in Long Beach, CA where gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman both spoke. The tour concluded with a visit to the San Fernando Valley Democratic Campaign Headquarters where the group saw first-hand grassroots campaigning efforts.