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Green Energy and Green City Planning Tour in Greensburg, Kansas

August 9, 2010

Date: 08/09/2010 Location: Greensburg, Kansas Description: Seven journalists from four different countries traveled to Greensburg, Kansas to cover how residents there are rebuilding a ''green'' city after they were devastated by a tornado. - State Dept Image

August 9-10, 2010
Contact: Tanya Brothen, New York Foreign Press Center
Telephone: (212) 317-8332;

Seven journalists from Korea, Japan, Germany, and the Middle East had the opportunity to speak with local residents representing government, business, non-profit, the arts, and the general citizenry. They walked the journalists through their town's recovery from the EF5 tornado that struck on May 4, 2007 and destroyed 95% of the town. Journalists learned how and why the town of Greensburg decided to rebuild almost entirely green, and how their conservation, sustainability, and renewable energy efforts are paying off both financially and in terms of healing the community after immense tragedy. Sites visited include City Hall, a John Deere distribution center, the nearby wind farm, the art center, and a model eco-home.