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DoD Information on Haiti Relief Operations and Embedding

January 19, 2010

LATEST INFO: The latest SOUTHCOM fact sheet is below and the latest info is always posted to the SOUTHCOM website here:

MEDIA EMBEDS: DoD is transporting media from Homestead AFB in Miami to Haiti, with two important caveats: 1) delivery of aid has priority over media flights; & 2) DoD cannot provide mere transport, and can only embed media on aircraft and ships that are engaged in humanitarian relief operations. DoD is arranging embeds as fast as circumstances permit, if you run into problems please feel free to call/email me, but your best contacts are the SOUTHCOM folks below.

EMBED CONTACT INFO: To arrange an embed please fill out the attached embed request form and email it to Ray Sarracino ( and cc: If you have questions about the embed process please call Ray at 305-437-1213.

EMBEDS ON US NAVY SHIPS: Media who are already in Haiti who wish to embed on the USNS Comfort, USS Carl Vinson, or other Navy ships off Haiti should contact the JTF-Haiti Operations Center - CDR Chris Loundermon,, 757-204-4869 (phone service very sporadic).

MEDIA BRIEFINGS: DoD and the rest of the US Government are doing daily operational briefings in Haiti, Miami, and Washington, please be on the lookout for briefing announcements, especially from SOUTHCOM and the JTF-JIB/JIC (below).

MEDIA QUERIES: For questions on the DoD/DHS' humanitarian response efforts please contact the PAOs below. Please contact me as needed, but SOUTHCOM will generally have the latest information. Media in Haiti should contact the JTF-Haiti - Joint Information Bureau at PaP Airport below.

Points of Contact:

U.S Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)
Public Affairs Office
Mr. Jose Ruiz, Tel. 305-437-1205/1213

U.S. Coast Guard
Seventh Coast Guard District Public Affairs
LCDR Matthew Moorlag
(305) 415-6683

Joint Task Force-Haiti, Joint Information Bureau
(Location: Western end of the runway at PaP International Airport near JTF-Haiti Operations Center)
CDR Chris Loundermon
757-204-4869 (phones work only intermittently)

US Government Joint Information Center (JIC)
(Location: Western end of the runway at PaP International Airport near JTF-Haiti Operations Center)
Telephone contact info not yet available.
The JIC is currently offering live and/or telephone media briefings at 0900 and 1400 ET, contact for details.