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Golden Gloves

April 14, 2009


Date: 04/16/2009 Description: NYFPC Tour to the Golden Gloves boxing competition. State Dept Photo

April 14, 16, and 17, 2009; New York City
Contact: New York Foreign Press Center

The Golden Gloves is an 82 year old boxing tradition in New York City which is the only city in the country that opens this competition to aspiring young athletes from abroad.  This year, the NYFPC once again organized a reporting tour for 27 foreign journalists representing 18 countries.  The tour consisted of a visit to Gleason's Gym, one of the premier boxing gyms in the country and where many of the Golden Glove finalists train.  The visit was an exclusive for FPC jounralists and provided photo cops and media availabilities with the fighters, their trainers and the managers of this great event.